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Tavanaram Co. affiliated to Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group is composed of two production units namely steel production unit and galvanised sheet production unit via hot rolling mill.

The steel production unit plans to produce various types of billets and slabs and the hot sheet production unit aims to produce various construction and alloy sheets with maximum width of 2.5 m.

The construction of factories was launched in an area of 72,000 m2 in 2016. At the first phase, Tavanaram Co. was inaugurated in 2018 as the steel production unit of the complex in order to produce the middle product and accomplish the steel production chain.

The annual production capacity of this production unit in the first phase is 20,000 tons of steel billets, which would be expanded to the production of 280,000 tons steel billets and slabs by the implementation of the development plan.

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Application: Steel pipes and high-quality tanks production ...


Application: Construction industry such as bars and angle production ...


Application: Construction Industry such as channels, H beams or I beams, angles and channels ...


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Flourishing as the most substantial steel production unit in Iran, fulfilling steel production chain in favour of building up value added on strategic products constitute Tavanaram’s overview vision. Relying on advanced knowledge and modern technology, the diligent workers struggle to produce steel billets and slabs at divergent grades as well as hot steel sheets with specific dimensions applicable in industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical and also strategic industries such as shipbuilding in accordance with international criteria.

In compliance with programmed schedule, hot rolling process would be applied at the second phase to produce 280,000 tons of steel sheets in order to satisfy the demands of regional and foreign industries. Moreover, annual production of 280,000 steel billets and slabs via electrical induction would be implemented at the development phase. As a result, the factory would succeed to patronise steel industry via total production of 560,000 tons including annual production of 280,000 tons billet and slabs as well as 280,000 tons hot steel sheets.

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Affiliated to Pars Sakhtar Industrial Group

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Administrative Department of Gostaresh Hotel, Abresan Square, Tabriz.
+9841-3166 (601)


Administrative Department of Gostaresh Hotel, Abresan Square, Tabriz.
+9841-3166 (601)

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